Leather Dyestuffs
Leather Dye C.I. No Leather Characteristics
Black NT Acid Black 210 CAS:99576-15-5 Black
Blue AS Acid Blue 25 CAS:6408-78-1 Bright Blue
Brilliant Blue 6B Acid Blue 83 CAS:6104-59-2 Bright Blue
Navy Blue 5R Acid Blue 113 CAS:3351-o5-1 Reddish navy
Brown DR Acid Brown 163 Brown
Deep Brown R Acid Brown 354 CAS:71799-43-4 Reddish Brown
Dark Green B Acid Green 20 CAS:5850-39-5 Dark Bluish Green
Orange II Acid Orange 7 CAS:633-96-5 Brilliant Reddish Orange
Orange 2G Acid Orange 10 CAS:1936-15-8 Bright Orange
Orange G Acid Orange 74 CAS:10127-27-2 Medium Orange
Red 2G Acid Red 1 CAS:3734-67-6 Bright Bluish Red
Rhodamine B Acid Red 52 CAS:3520-42-1 Fluorescent Red (Bluer) – Bright Bluish Pink
Brilliant Scarlet GR Acid Red 73 CAS:5413-75-2 Yellowish Red – Fastness on silk is generally similar to that on wool
Scarlet R Acid Red 97 CAS:10169-02-5 Light Yellowish Red
Red RS Acid Red 114 CAS:6459-94-5 Bright Red
Maroon V Acid Red 119 CAS:12220-20-1 Bordeaux
Tartrazine NS Acid Yellow 23 CAS:1923-21-0 Yellow
Milling Yellow N-SH Acid Yellow 42 CAS:6375-55-9 Medium Yellow
Yellow GR Acid Yellow 99 CAS:10343-58-5 Reddish Yellow
Yellow LNW Acid Yellow 151 CAS:12715-61-6 Bright Yellow – metal complex
Black SB Direct Black 168 CAS:85631-88-5 Black
Fast Scarlet 4BS Direct Red 23 CAS:3441-14-3 Medium Red
Yellow R Direct Yellow 11 CAS:1325-37-7 Reddish Yellow
Red M8B Reactive Red 11 CAS:12226-08-3 Brilliant Bluish Red
Golden Yellow HE4R Reactive Yellow 84 CAS:61951-85-7 Reddish Yellow