Disperse Dyestuff
Disperse Dyestuffs C.I. No Disperse Characteristics
Black HXF Disperse Black Specialty High washing fastness in various blended fabrics
Black HRD-SE Disperse Black Specialty Rapid Dyeing Series,Ommission of Reduction clearing Process
Black S-4BL Disperse Black Specialty Specialty
Black S-3BL Disperse Black Specialty Specialty
Black S-2BL Disperse Black Specialty Specialty
Black GI Disperse Black Specialty Specialty
Black ECO Disperse Black Specialty Specialty
Black EX-SF Disperse Black Specialty Specialty
Blue FFR Disperse Blue 3 CAS:2475-46-9 Brilliant Blue, Low Energy
Blue B Disperse Blue 14 CAS:2475-44-7 Navy Blue
Blue GLF Disperse Blue 27 CAS:15791-78-3 Medium Blue , Good for Acetate and Nylon
Blue 2BLN Disperse Blue 56 CAS:12217-79-7 Brilliant Blue
Turq Blue HGL Disperse Blue 60 CAS:12217-80-0 Brilliant Greenish Blue
Blue 6R Disperse Blue 72 CAS:12217-81-1 Reddish Blue
Blue S-BGL Disperse Blue 73 CAS:12222-78-5 Brilliant Blue
Blue SE-BLF Disperse Blue 77 CAS:20241-76-3 Dull Blue
Navy Blue HGL Disperse Blue 79 CAS:12239-34-8 Reddish Navy Blue
Turq Blue S-BLN Disperse Blue 87 CAS:12222-85-4 Brilliant Greenish Blue
Discharge Blue R Disperse Blue 106 CAS:12223-01-7 Reddish Blue ,
Blue 118 Disperse Blue 118
Turquoise Blue FFL Disperse Blue 124
Blue 129 Disperse Blue 129
Blue 143 Disperse Blue 143 CAS;61968-28-3 Brilliant Greenish Blue
Polyester Blue 3RT Disperse Blue 148 CAS:61968-29-4 Reddish Blue
Blue BBLS Disperse Blue 165 CAS:41642-51-7 Medium Blue